Saturday, October 28, 2006

Still Around

Hello everyone. I've finally got some time to do a little posting. I've been working incredibly long hours lately. I've been having some weekend appointments too. After they're done, I've been tearing down all the rotting wood to the house and replacing it with Hardi Plank. I only have my neighbor to help me. When we're done with my house, we're going to work in his house. Needless to say, I have had no time to myself.

Last night, my buddy called me up to play in a dart tournament. I haven't thrown in years. I decided that I really needed a night out just to chill out, drink some beer, and throw some darts. Zelda was such a sweetheart. She told me that I really needed a night out after the last couple of weeks. So, she told me to go.

The last time we went to a tournament, my buddy took first place and I took second. Last night, you can tell we haven't played in awhile. We both won our first match. But, we got eliminated by a couple of professional players. It was still fun though.

It reminded me of when we used to play back in college. My old roommate got me started playing the game. Then, we got our own electronic dart board because we would get so slobbering drunk that it was difficult to add or subtract, especially when you're seeing double. The weird part was that when I would play against other teams, I would get to the bar early and start drinking because the more drunk I got, the better I threw. I remember times where I would have to prop myself up against the wall and would Hat Trick (3 bulleyes). Yeah, I usually had to be driven home on competition nights.

You know what? Maybe that's why I lost last night. I didn't drink enough. It had nothing to do with the fact that they were professionals. Yeah, riiiight.