Friday, March 16, 2007

To OZ!

Okay maybe not Oz, but at least I'm getting some time away to clear my head a little bit. So, here we are, just days from meeting Angi, Tommy, and the gang. We've got some things to take care of regarding this wedding that we're going to, but I at least plan on having some fun while I'm gone. We've got our plane tickets, hotels, rental car, etc. etc. etc. If we forget something, which we always do, we'll just worry about it later. This should be an interesting trip. It's the first time I'll leave my great country of Texas since my grandmother died.

The kids are excited to spend an entire week with their grandparents. They should be. They're spoiled rotten by my parents. God only knows what creatures will have evolved upon our return.

Okay, in truth, I'm excited about going. I've been needing some time off for quite some time. North Carolina, Virgina, Angi and Tommy, and whoever else we feel like visiting, get ready. We're coming!