Wednesday, May 11, 2005

So much fun

You all know that Zelda and I love to get in on debates online. I'm going to have to cut and paste this last one about illegal immigration that we got into. It's a little long but really funny. Thanks ALa, I haven't laughed this hard in a long time.

Zelda: I consider it a point of pride that so many people want to come here. I have no problem with the tired, poor and huddled masses. But I have a huge problem with terrorists, murderers and sex offenders.
Assure me that everyone who has come here is put through a screening process and a quarantine for TB just in case, and I welcome them with open arms. It shouldn't be that difficult.

Paul: Zelda, How many Swedish, German and Dutch tourists are put through your screening process and quarantine.
My point is that the argument made is security and health, but the real pupose is economic, your statement sounds just a degree off from "Dirty Wetbacks."

Jethro: Zelda said, "Assure me that EVERYONE who has come here is put through a screening process and a quarantine for TB just in case, and I welcome them with open arms."
I guess anyone who seems to think that just because Zelda, a white person, said that must have only meant Mexicans when she said EVERYONE. Just how racist is that for someone to assume that a white person only speaks about one race when she clearly specifies "EVERYONE?"
She also said, "I have no problem with the tired, poor and huddled masses. But I have a huge problem with terrorists, murderers and sex offenders." Yeah, she has such a huge problem with economics and absolutely no concern for security with those words.

Paul: Hey Jethro,
Racism is in the comment - you know damn well just like I said, nobodys calling for the tourists to be quarantined the reference was to those, you know 'dirty' immigrants from those 'dirty' countries.
My reaction isn't racist - the statement is and to be honest I don't care if the speaker is the same race as he TB carriers or not - the statement is.
Defend her, I understand but look at the statement and adjust the point of origin or the disease, it doesn't matter because we don't quarantine anyone unless they show signs of diseas - not by where they are from, so why bring it up in a discussion about Mexico? Racism that's why.

Jethro: Paul,
Racism is in your comment. Due to outbreaks of HIV worldwide, TB is now becoming much harder to control. Sharp inclines of incidences are occuring even in liberal Europe. She knows this which is why she still specifies EVERYONE.
You assumed her intentions despite HER WORDS. You assumed that she is so ignorant to believe that TB is only a problem in poor countries. Such assumptions of TB origin are also racist.
Of course I will defend my wife. I understand that chivalry is a concept foreign to a lot of liberals, but it's still a concept that I subscribe to.

Zelda: Oh Paul, you truly are an witless moron. I married an immigrant from one of your so called "dirty" countries. Jethro and his family immigrated from Vietnam (legally). They underwent testing and vaccinations and understood it to be a very reasonable request in exchange for the opportunity and security the U.S. provides.
But what can we offer any immigrant if our country is not secure or healty?
I am proud to be married to Jethro and I'm proud of his family who came here with less than nothing and put their kids through college.
But by all means, keep calling me a racist. Your hypocrisy is amusing.

Paul: Jethro et al,
As an avowed conservative I wouldn't expect you to give your wife the credit to be able to argue her own point of view in a conversation. Hide your disrespect behind 'chivalry' if you wish but it doesn't wash, if she wnts to converse I expect her to defend or make her point as anyone else would regardless of her marital status, gender or bad taste in spouses.
In the argument your relationship means nothing to me, get it nothing.
It's your relationship and I'm not in the party.
As for my racist intent you couldn't be more wrong. The comment was made in context of a conversation about Mexican entry to the country. I questioned the EVERYONE statement because I know it isn't true.
Country of origin and country of transit determine what the rules are and those rules take into consideration of WHO and CDC incidents of disease in those countries.
They are in place for countries where problems are known but the statement of EVERYONE is clearly a cover for a racist agenda. A tourist (let's try student for the sake of ciggy's ignorance) from countries that are not on the clear list does not go through a quarentine and will not.
The arument is specious the intent is clear.
I'm sure Zelda does not have a deliberately racist (perhaps xenophobic) bone in her body, but the statement, in context is as I say racist.
We all have a tinge of racism in us here and there, even people of one race against their own - it's part of the dynamic of human existance.
The reason some guys prefer blue eyed blondes and some green eyed redheads, others small women with wide smiles.
You can deny racism, but you can't escape it.

Jethro: Keep digging your hole you racist. Our point was proven using your own words. You keep spouting off trying to prove a point but instead show your true racist colors. Now, you're trying to make excuses for it with the whole "We all have a tinge of racism in us here and there." So, keep digging.

Paul: Jethro,
You couldn't be more full of shit if you were the recieving tank at the city waste water plant.

Zelda: When I say everyone, I mean everyone. You offer no proof that I don't mean what I say. In fact, my whole life proves your assumtions wrong. So you can keep making an ass out of yourself if you insist, but as a good Christian, I refuse to spur you on.

Paul: "my whole life proves your assumtions wrong"
Did you really want to put your "whole life" up for examination?
I doubt it, just like I doubt both the good christian remark and the everyone remark.
But hey if you can't handle 2 seconds of self examination and just want to hand all the blame for your failings to God. Go for it.

Jethro: Aaaawwwww! Poor, pathetic little Paul is pissed because we exposed his racism.
All together now, Aaaaaaaaawwwwww!

Paul: Jethro,
Here's the difference for your unenlightened existence...
I see, acknowledge and deal with the racial prejudice that society has created an that includes myself.
On the other hand others, (Zelda and yourself) refuse to look for it, and spew it on the world unaware, self-righteous and self defensive.
Please note, Paul never called anyone racist in this conversation - the slings came from your direction - a person can behave in a racist manner, make racist statements and have conscious awareness of it.
I'm multicultural something your republican friends like to make fun of. What I mean when I say that is that I accept, acknowledge, and celebrate diversity something your consrvative friends also like to ridicule. But in being multicultural I have to be racist because I have to accpt the racial component of that diversity and the net plus it brings to humanity.
Go hide with your Morman Quaker hating friends and quit pretending to be a compassionate conservative.

Zelda: I'll put my whole life up against your frantic accusations of racism any day. You think that by accusing others of racism, you will get a pass on your own racist assumptions.
And if you want to go toe to toe on multiculturalism, bring it the fuck on. Jethro and I are your worst nightmare because we make you look like the hysterical, desperate race-baiter that you are.

Jethro: Awwwww Paul, that would hurt my feelings if you weren't a racist.

Paul: Zelda I didn't race bait but I've certainly seen plenty of it coming from the two of you.
Like I said your relationship isn't part of the conversation.
Jethro (the name gets more appropriate with each 'discussion'),
I have admitted my racism, when will you?

Zelda: Prove your points.
When did I mention race? Before or after you went on your presumptive, loose-boweled tirade about "dirty" countries?
And you don't get to decide what is part of the conversation. My relationship proves you are a foaming hysteric, so naturally you wouldn't want to make it part of the "conversation." But tough shit. You attacked us personally and now you have to pay the consequences of looking like an idiot.

Jethro: "the name gets more appropriate with each 'discussion'"
I'm not quite sure what that means. Coming from you, it must be racist.

(End of conversation so far...)


You know what's really great about this whole thing? This guy FIRST tried to call Zelda a racist then ADMITS to being a racist himself. So, he's basically a proven hypocrit and a self admitted racist.