Sunday, August 28, 2005


Since final exams have ended, I have taken a few days off to myself to pick up Gwendolyn from school for 3 days in a row. I went to the clinic to take care of patients in the early morning, but I left early enough to pick up Gwendolyn from school.

When her school ends for the day, Gwendolyn walks across the street into our neighborhood with other kids so that we don't have to wait in car line.

First day, she was walking with one of her friends named Nicholas. They were laughing and laughing and quoting Sponge Bob. When I saw her, she said that that was her friend Nicholas. I said, "Oh really? Is he in the first grade too?" She said, "Yeah." We went home.

Second day, she was walked across the street with the same little boy. Again, they were laughing and laughing. I saw his right hand make a gesture as if it was reaching for her left hand. I thought to myself, "Nah, just my overprotective dad's imagination getting the best of me."

Third day, they were walking across the street HOLDING HANDS. When little Nicholas saw me grind my teeth with my mouth wide open, he dropped her hand. Little Gwendolyn was laughing and laughing as though nothing was wrong.

My friends, it has started. I'm going to go shotgun shopping tonight and pick up more rounds for my handguns.