Sunday, March 25, 2007

We're back!

I'm exhausted. Let's see here. We landed in Charlotte and instantly got a rental car and drove straight to Asheville where we met up with Angi, Tommy, and their boys. We feel like we've known them our entire lives. We walked around their town, ate hot dogs with slaw for the first time, saw 300, saw the nicest McDonalds (I kid you not, they have a baby grand piano in a McDonalds), relaxed, and hung out talking about anything and everything. I have never seen such spectacular scenery in my life.

Next, we drove to Virginia to see one of my classmates from Chiropractic school. We stayed with them for a night. They took us around their town and showed us their cabin at the base of a mountain. Again, I have never seen such spectacular scenery in my life. Zelda was wearing a tank top and got honked at several times in town.

We also drove to Philadelphia to meet ALa of Blonde Sagacity and her husband, Tesco. We had REAL Philadelphia cheesesteaks and scrapple. We also met up with another blogger known as Liz. They were all so much fun to talk to that we decided to hang out with them instead of seeing the tourist sites.

The wedding itself was a lot of fun. Zelda's childhood friends are very relaxed and laid back people. I'll describe more in another post. Right now, I'm ready to crash. Good night y'all.