Thursday, April 10, 2008

Happy Ending

This post is for Christina the massage therapist. After my very first car accident about 20 years ago, I was recommended to have some kind of muscle work done. I called up a massage parlor to have my neck and low back done.

me: "Hi, I've never had a massage done before. But, it was recommended to me that I get one done. What should I expect?"

them: "It's 60 dollars an hour for a professional NON SEXUAL massage." (extra empasis by them)

me: "huh?"

them: "This is a professional service, sir. There is no sex involved."

me: ".....uuuuuuhhhhhhh.....I was involved in a car accident. The doctor told me I should get a massage for my muscles that ache."

them: "Oooohhhhhh. Well, then let me put our injury specialist on the line."

me: "NON SEXUAL specialist, right?"

them: (giggling) "Of course."