Monday, October 26, 2009

Turn It Up!

I was driving the family around this weekend when we passed a car with its bass blaring. It reminded me of a story when we used to live in Houston.

Zelda and I were hungry one night and we decided to grab a midnight snack at McDonalds since they were open that late. We pulled up behind a red mustang that belonged to a bunch of teenagers. They started blaring their radio with hard core rap. You could tell it was stock speakers because the speakers were blown. The kids didn't care. They placed their order and were waiting for their food thinking that everyone in the world will think they're cool for blasting crappy music.

I told Zelda to cover her ears and I found a radio station that played something along the lines of zydeco music. I turned the bass down and cranked the volume to full blast. I think they got the hint. They turned their music down and we laughed our asses off.