Monday, May 09, 2005

Where's the Camera?

Still don't have my laptop back yet, but since the computers in the clinic are currently allowing me to access blogger, here's a quick post.

Tan was a friend of mine that I met from the optical that I used to work at. She was a very attractive Vietnamese girl and a lot of fun to hang out with. Eventually, she left the optical to get her doctorate in Optometry. Zelda used to say that she and I looked like the perfect couple when we were hanging out. Tan even told me that she used to have a crush on me. I may have considered pursuing her except for 2 problems. First, I have strong rules when it comes to dating. One of those rules include never dating people I work with. Secondly (and more importantly), I had my eye on Zelda.

I ran into Tan a couple of times while she was in Optometry school. She told us that she had gone to Cancun during one of her breaks with some of the people in her class. They all decided that they wanted to try para-sailing. When Tan's turn came up, they strapped that huge parachute on her and the boat took off. She's a little nervous when it comes to heights so as she floated higher and higher, she held on tighter and tighter to the straps. All of a sudden, her bikini top flew off. Just then, she looked down at the speeding boat to see laughter and several camera flashes going off. Unfortunately, she was a little too scared to let go of the straps and cover herself.