Wednesday, May 07, 2008

To Spew or not to Spew

We took the girls to Sea World in San Antonio a couple of weeks ago. One of my patients is a VP there. I helped him out, he helped me out by giving me free park admission.

The very first roller coaster that we went on was the Steel Eel. Actually, I stayed with Emma because she was too short to ride it. So, Zelda and Gwennie went on the ride. Zelda told me that Gwennie was terrified of it. I asked Gwennie if she wanted to ride it with me. She shot back, "No!" Zelda told me that I could ride it if I wanted to. Seeing that there was no line since we got to the park when it opened, I decided to ride it. I got right into the last cart where you can feel the weighlessness the best. However, there was already a couple in the very back row, so I sat right in front of them. Still the very last cart though.

As we were going up, I could see Zelda and the kids down below. I waved. Then, over the first drop. The guy behind me says, "Oooohhhh nnnnooooo....We're not doing any more rides." Back up we go only to go down another drop. This is pretty much the entire ride. By the 4th drop, the guy behind me starts coughing. It was at this point, I'm thinking. Great, this guy is going to blow chunks all over the back of my head. Every drop, he coughed heavier as if heaving at points. Just when the heaving gets so bad that I've accepted my fate of being Spewed on, the ride stops.

"Ooooooooooohhhhhhhhh. It didn't work....the dramamine didn't work......"

I (thanking god that there wasn't someone's gastric and intestinal lining on the back of my head) chuckled and turned around to ask the guy, "You alright?"

"Yeah........I think.......No more rides."