Sunday, October 28, 2007

Talk about a loaded weekend

We're back in Houston this week continuing more work that needs to be done on the house. We're painting the rooms to our house and loading up the last of our shit that needs to go to New City.

There was also a memorial mass at our old University for our friend, Sgt. Charles Kitowski. We and several of our friends donated enough money to have a paver installed in front of the University's new chapel. It was dedicated to him right after the mass. Right after that, there was a reception where Zelda and I brought the huge picture of Charles that we had blown up. A few of our other friends put together a scrap book of several pictures and quotes from friends about Charles. His family was so pleased with everything we had done. There's also supposed to be a memorial tree planted in his name somewhere on the campus. I don't think that's been done yet. Immediately after the reception, a group of us went to have lunch where we exchanged more old memories of Charles. Immediately after that, four of us went to our old watering hole, Griff's Tavern, to ask about setting up a going away party for our other friend who will be deployed to Iraq in November.

After that, Zelda and I went to Home Depot where we spent 3 hours picking out and buying flooring to our house. Zelda's grandmother will be moving in next week. While at Home Depot, I got a call from a friend of ours who was at the memorial who said he was at our neck of the woods and that he and his fiance were at Frank N Stein's watching the Texas A&M game. We said that we would join them for a beer or two.

When we got to their table, we noticed a young lady who looked very familiar to us. We'll call her Kay. It was killing me because I KNEW that I had seen her somewhere. I just couldn't remember where. I ordered beer and chicken wings. Zelda ordered a philly cheesesteak. Zelda asked her if she possibly knew one of her eight sisters. No luck. I asked her what high school she went to. She told us, but again no luck. Everyone was having a great conversation but I remained relatively quiet. My mind was working. Where had I seen this person?!

Then it hit me. I asked her, "Did you attend a wine tasting party about a month ago?" She said yes. Then I asked her, "Do you have a friend who lives around Clear Creek or Clear Lake or something like that who has a blog?" She said, "Sohos and Count!"

I'm telling you, the world is such a small place.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007


That's all it was. It was simply an accident. The poor little old lady who hit me was practically crying as the officer handed her the report.

All I remember was sitting at a red light waiting for it to turn green. Next thing I know, there was a loud sound and sharp pain on the right side of my neck and shoulder. I didn't even brace for the impact because I didn't know it was about to happen.

I'm okay. I just have a pretty consistent and bad headache along with some discomfort in both shoulders.

The officer asked me what my profession was. I told him Chiropractor. He looked down at the form he was filling out before he looked back up again and flashed a smirk. I could hear his thoughts. "Sucks to be her." I'm willing to bet that that's what he was thinking.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

As promised

Here it is, as promised. Go ahead, laugh your asses off. I'm shaving it after I surprise a few of our Houston friends.