Thursday, February 28, 2008


I've been so extremely busy with the clinic. It's a good thing when you're busy. My patient load is increasing fast.

As most of you know, my parents were robbed at gunpoint the other night. I was going to vent like I always do on my blog, but I will just let the actions of those 2 black kids speak for themselves. I welcome the black community to step in and denounce these kids instead of making excuses for them.

I downloaded a bunch of porn to send to my bro, Corin, in Iraq. He had specific requests. Of course I checked them for quality control. I care about whether or not I'm sending him quality or shit.

Whoops, my next patient is here. More updates later.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

A strange and funny dream

I woke up yesterday morning and told Zelda about a funny dream that I had. She thought it was funny and told me that I should blog about it.

In this dream, there was this stupid, silly white guy getting on my nerves. He was going around putting some sort of a red sticker on people, which put them in a hypnotic state. Then, he was able to make them do anything he said. This guy saw me and ran up to me with his arm stretched out trying to put the sticker on me. Being pissed off, I grabbed his hand and applied a joint lock on his wrist where I instantly bent his elbow back and forced the sticker on his back.

He started swaying back and forth confused. He asked me, "What's going on?"

I'm still pissed and said, "GO FUCK YOURSELF!!!!!!"

He replied, "Okay." and left.

Then the dream shifts scenes as if I was watching a TV sitcom. A black woman was sitting in her living room, when her husband walks in from the kitchen with a look of shock on his face. "There is some crazy ass white boy in there fucking himself." Then you hear the audience's laughter.

Strange huh?

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

What's that noise?

A few months ago, I had a patient whose x-rays needed to be read by a radiologist. So, I went to my old radiology professor. This patient had an implant to help with his erectile dysfunction. I knew about it because I had taken a thorough history. So, it was no surprise when I saw it on the x-ray film when I processed it.

My professor took the films out of the sleeve, put them up on his view box, and flicked on the back light.

"Oh wow. I haven't seen one of those in awhile."

Everyone in the office gathers around him. "Can anyone tell me what that is? Dr. Jethro, don't say anything."

A few seconds go by and no one said a word. So, my professor spoke up.

"That is an implant to help this patient with erectile dysfunction."

One person asked, "Why is the bulk of it on his leg?"

"That's where he has to pump it up."

Then, my old professor told us that seeing this device reminded him of a funny story. Years ago, he saw a patient with a similar implant. He had to run some imaging on the patient to repair the device. My old prof asked the patient whether the device was broken. The patient responded with, "Sort of".

"Sort of? What does that mean?"

"Well doc, let me show you."

Each time he pressed to pump up the implant, there was a loud squeaking sound.

"Doc, it's a real mood killer."