Wednesday, March 29, 2006

I've accepted the job offer

After receiving my license, I suddenly got calls from several clinics that wanted to interview me. Well, I went on all the interviews and have accepted an offer. I didn't accept the highest paying one. But, I accepted the one that would make me happiest with the most potential for growth. I'll be signing the contract this weekend.

Despite the fact that I don't officially start until Monday, I've already started working with this clinic. I asked the main doctor if she wouldn't mind if I came in and just observed early just so I can get to know the daily operations of the clinic. I may not be getting paid, but I'm getting a huge head start. I'm really excited to get started.

This doctor's practice philosophy mirrors my own. I'll post more details as soon as everything is set.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Lost Dog

After having to put our last dog to sleep, my dad got my sister another dog that looked very close to the one we had before. This new dog was a small chihuahua named Ginger. Anyways, the girls really loved playing with Ginger because she was unlike most chihuahuas in that her temperament was very easy going.

The other day, Ginger got out. We put up signs around the neighborhood with no luck. My sister even offered a $500 reward. My Brother-in-law got a new puppy today to help cheer her up on her birthday.

The girls were called over to see, play with, and help name the new puppy.

Sister: "OK girls, what do you want to name the puppy?"

Gwennie: "I want Tucker."

Emma: "I like Lucky."

My Dad (in his very thick Vietnamese accent): "How about ... BAR B QUE!"

Thursday, March 16, 2006

License in hand and almost ready to go.

Sorry I haven't been around in the blog world. I swear I'm going to have a ton of catch up reading to do. It's been extremely hectic here. I finally got my license in this past Saturday and I've been researching malpractice insurances as well as trying to establish a professional association as well as seeking some form of employment to earn capital in order to pay for establishing that PA.

I left an interview yesterday where I had a nice offer and wants me to start right away. However, I went into another office to run some x-rays and the doctor there said she was "impressed with (my) competence". She wants to talk to me next Thursday. I got to make a decision soon. I'm looking up Texas's Workers Comp system to try and understand it if I decide to go with the guy that I interviewed with yesterday. Anyways, I gotta go take care of even more things to get set up. I may take a break and go fishing tonight just so I can clear my head and get Zelda's input. I'll see y'all around soon. Wish me luck!

Sunday, March 12, 2006


I was watching TV today and saw a movie that reminded me of the first time I saw it on the big screen.

A few years ago, I went to the movies with a friend of mine, Jen. We saw the movie Armageddon starring Bruce Willis. You know, the one with the huge asteroid on a collision course with Earth. Anyways, we saw that movie and left practically chanting "USA BABY! USA!" We figured that as long as we were feeling like this, we might as well watch another "feel good" movie.

So, we decided to get another set of tickets to the last showing of Saving Private Ryan that evening. We got all ready to sit back and enjoy that good ol' patriotic feeling. Yeah, that didn't quite work out as well as we thought.