Tuesday, October 25, 2005

What the Hell?

I was overlooking a few news articles about my boys, The Astros. You all know how I feel about the media. Here's a few more things that have done more to ignite that hate.

Article #1

Article #2

Article #3

#1. I don't really care if the roof was opened or closed. I just think that the MLB needs to keep their fucking fingers out of our asses. Now, I want them to close the roof just on priciple.

#2. Nice of them to make a racial issue out of nothing.

#3. Same above. Who the fuck cares? I don't give a damn about race. If they want to play the race card, what about teams with no Asian players in the NBA? Why isn't that disturbing to them? I don't really care, but you can see my point. Fucking Hypocrits.

There are other things as well. These were just the few articles that I found in less than an 5 minutes.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

I'm still alive

I'm sorry, everyone. I know I've been neglecting the blogosphere. However, things have been EXTREMELY hectic lately. I've got the rest of October, November, and the middle of December to get in enough credits to graduate. I'm a little behind right now, but with enough hard work, I can do it. On top of that, I've got board review sessions for the last of my National Board exams every weekend from 5:30 in the morning til 7:00 at night (yes all my Saturdays and Sundays included). The last part of board exams, from my understanding, is all verbal. Basically, I'm trying to organize everything I've learned in the past 4 years in a few weeks.

I am scheduled for the exam in Dallas in November. Three of my buddies and I will be in Dallas for the last of the review starting Nov. 7th. Testing will start on the 11th. I will not be permitted to leave the testing premises until the 13th. So, I'm hoping to meet with all you Dallas bloggers then. I'll fill y'all in the as I find out more information.

Needless to say, blogging has been EXTREMELY limited and will remain so until this last and most difficult part of Board exams is over. I'll try to squeeze in an occasional post now and then, but I can't promise anything. If something unbelieveably funny happens, I'll make it my first priority. However, the current situation I've been left with lately has been school, studying, and ASTROS!!!!!!! (while studying).

Monday, October 10, 2005

What's that Fishy Smell?

This past weekend was my last free weekend before I started reviewing for Part IV of Board Exams. I picked Saturday to be the day that I would take for myself to enjoy the Texas coast and go saltwater fishing.

Mason and his dad took me out on their boat from noon til 4:00 in the morning. We drank lots of beer and caught a fair amount of sand trout and a nice flounder. Actually, I gigged the flounder and caught the others on a rod and reel. For some reason, I was the only one catching anything. We were using live finger mullets that we caught in a cast net as bait.

I noticed that my rod danced a little. I waited and waited. It moved rather strange. I decided that I should go ahead and reel in whatever it was. I figured the finger mullet was trying to swim off. What did I catch? A plastic bag. Mason laughed and said, "I swear, only you would catch something like that. Well, you get the prize of the most exotic thing we've caught today.

Oh but wait, my luck didn't just stop there. I just had to top the plastic bag. A little while later, I noticed that my rod hadn't moved for quite a while. I figured that a fish had taken off with my bait. I reeled in my line and what was the winner of the most exotic catch of the day? A condom. I swear the fish are mocking me.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

How much is gas?

The first day when the damage assessment was done in New Orleans after Katrina hit, there was a rumor that gas prices would sky rocket up to or past $3.00/gallon. As I drove home from the clinic, I made sure to look at the prices at every single gas station to see if I could save an extra penny. Every gas station that day was around $2.89.

As I took an alternate route to get home, I found one Diamond Shamrock where the price was $2.68. Knowing that prices were going to escalate, I pulled in and filled up my car. When I finished, I drove home, took the keys to Zelda's car and grabbed my 5 gallon emergency gas container.

I drove back to the Diamond Shamrock where I saw that the price of Regular Unleaded was still $2.68/gal. I pulled into the first available pump, got out, reached into my wallet, and pulled out my credit card. Just as I was about to slide my credit card into the reader, the entire pump blinked. The price of regular unleaded gas switched before my very eyes from $2.68 to $2.77. I couldn't believe it! I missed it by 2 or 3 seconds.

Sunday, October 02, 2005

Back To Our Regularly Scheduled Program

OK, enough of the Hurricane Rita shit. Time to get back to life and move along.

Before I turned 21, we used to sneak alcoholic beverages into our dorm rooms for our parties. Occasionally, it would get loud and we would have to tell everyone to quiet down. You see, if the RA's walked by and thought there was a party in your room, they would come in and confiscate any alcohol they found. What we didn't realize at the time was that we could've denied them access to our rooms.

One night, we had the plan to hide all bottles when the RA's came into one of the party rooms. When we heard the knock at the front door, everyone hid their bottles and blocked the path for the RA's to check the assigned spots. Unfortunately, we missed a small bottle of Everclear. One of the RA's picked it up and asked, "Is this alcohol?" Carlos laughed so hard because everclear is only 95% ethanol. He didn't even try to lie. He laughed and told them that it was in fact alcohol.

Now, I understand that it is the RA's job to enforce the rules. However, this group in particular were a bunch of hypocrits. We remember one time when they confiscated a bottle of Southern Comfort from one of our friends and we found that same bottle in the RA's room because he was drinking it. He was also underage. When we discovered that they broke up parties to refill their own alcohol supply, one of our friends, Brent, decided to get even.

He took one of his empty bottles of Southern Comfort, poured in Isopropyl rubbing alcohol, water with cigarette ash, and a combination of coke and sprite to give it the perfect color. It was the only bottle he left out in the open.

For several weeks, we didn't have a single party broken up. My buddy, Corin, was having a really bad day. He broke up with his girlfriend, he got horrible grades on his tests, etc. Corin burst into Brent's room and screamed that he was really pissed off and needed a drink. Brent said, "Help yourself." Corin grabbed the tainted bottle of Southern Comfort and took a huge gulp. Brent turned around just to see the inverted bottle get turned right side up.

"Corin, did you just take a few gulps from that bottle?"


"Did you grab the one on top of the dresser?"


"Oh shit. (waves his hands in front of Corin) Can you still see me?"